Catalog of selected works


                                             (The whole panel is embossed on rustic ivory finished)

                                         Books and Wine in the window

                                                                                                            (Flat Painted)                                                

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Frog in Pot                                      (embossed)                                               (embossed on white finished)




                                                                    Roses in Urn 

                                                                      (embossed on rustic ivory finished)


                                   Bunnies and Flowers                                         

                                                Tulips in the Window                                               (embossed on rustic ivory finished)

                                                         Under Water scene     


                                                         Under Water scene

                                                                                                            ( installed)



                                               Wildflowers in a basket

                                                    (Flat Painted on white finished)



  Custom Rooster, Hen, and Chicks


Chinese Bowl


                                                    Embossed Fruits & Veggies


    Custom Eggs and Wire Basket

        (flat painted on 6"x6" tile--white finished)


Custom Rose

                                                       (on beige finished)

Coffee Grinder


Contemporary Art


Teal Blue Urn

Poppies in Vase

Lemon Tree

Fruits in Chinese Bowl

Fruit Girland

Fruits and Veggies in Copper Bowl

Wine and Bread


Swirling Design

Flowers in Chinese Bowl

Woven Basket

                                                Custom Berry  (on beige finished)                         

Flowers Basket





     powder room

                                                                                                          (custom job)

                                                             Vinery Scene




H                                                        Hungarian Embossed